British Museum

Explore the development of civilisation not just from Britain but from every corner of the globe with objects and artefacts going back nearly 2 million years. Join me on a journey crossing oceans like the Atlantic to get to Central America, or the South Pacific to find a remote island known locally as Rapa Nui, and discover extinct ancient civilisations of Egypt and Greece as well as looking at treasures found here in Britain.

Churchill War Rooms

Walk in the footsteps of Sir Winston Churchill who during WWII held his War Cabinet Rooms. Witness where decisions like Dunkirk were formed and rooms which were left untouched on 16th August 1945, the day after Victory over Japan (VJ Day).

Hampton Court Palace

Step back in time to the courts of Kings and Queens from King Henry VIII, the King with six wives, one of whom is said to still haunt it to King William III and Queen Mary II who ruled together as equals.

Kensington Palace


National Gallery

Learn about the story of Western European art from mid 1200s-1900 by looking at the development of materials, techniques and movements. From religious portable altarpieces owned by a King of England to everyday Venetian street scenes. This 2000+ collection includes artworks by the greats such as Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Velasquez, Man and Van Gogh.

Tate Britain

Tate Modern

Tower of London

pexels-photo-248193.jpegDiscover the world famous Crown Jewels which include the largest clear cut diamond in the world, carefully looked after by 37 Yeomen warders (affectionately known as Beefeaters) and 7 ravens who must stay there for fear of the kingdom falling. A group of ravens is called a conspiracy, a fitting name because the Tower of London is filled filled with stories of conspiracy, like the mysterious disappearance of 2 young Princes as well as stories of ghosts, executions and the near theft of the crown jewels.

Victoria and Albert Museum